Meet Our K-9s

exepnatho-5ins-2 K-9 Exepnathos
Exepnathos ( Zippie ) is an operational K9, he is an air scenting area search dog who loves to find people, he especially loves children. He is trained to do a “Bark Alert”, so if he finds you, he will stand next to you, and bark loudly until his handler comes over to complete the find. He may lick you, sniff you, and say a quick hello before he barks, since he loves people. After his handler gets to you, his favorite thing to do is take a rope, and then he loves to be chased and play “Keep Away“. Since passing his evaluation as an operational K9, he has been busy teaching people to Hug A Tree if they get lost, he loves to take part in Preventing Search and Rescue Programs and other public education. He is also learning new search skills, so that he can be a trailing dog, and he is learning to find missing articles and other clues. If you think you’re good at hide and seek, come out to one of our K9 Unit Drills, and see if you can trick Zippie.

clem1-5inK-9 Clementine
Clementine (Clem) is currently one of our K9 Trainees, she is also trained to do a “Bark Alert”, so like her teammate Exepnathos, if she finds you, she will bark alot, and may tap you with her paw while barking, or she may sit next to you. She really loves people and barks at them to get them to wake up and play with her. She also licks people, so her handler usually has her “Licker License” in the car. Clementine is a totally approved and legal face licker. Lately she has been working very hard to master her Search and Rescue Skills. The team is proud of Clem, she recently passed her “intermediate trainee” evaluation, and now starts her final stretch to prepare for her “advanced trainee” evaluation, and then, she will be studying up for her New Jersey SAR Council Evaluation.  If you would like to help her prepare, email us and she would love your help to get ready. She can’t wait to get back to hiking in the Catskills with her handler, but has been so busy working at SAR, she has not had the time.

caleesi-5inK-9 Caleesi
Caleesi (Cali) is Clementines sister. She too loves to find people, and absolutely loves to be petted and rubbed. Caleesi is also learning to enjoy practicing obedience with her handler and is really getting the hang of it. She has passed both her Basic trainee SAR and Basic trainee Obedience evaluations and is working hard to get ready for her intermediate evaluations. Unlike her sister, Cali does a “Recall-Refind” Alert. Caleesi is a very energetic dog, and sometimes can be seen jumping up in the air like a deer while sniffing for people. Once she finds you, she runs back to get her handler, and excitedly tells her handler that she found you, and then she runs back over to you, and waits for her handler to get there, sometimes she has to run back and forth several times, if you are far away. She loves to be petted so much, that she has been known to roll all over her subject, and provide lots of very energetic face licks. Caleesi is half Labrador and half Husky, so she has plenty of hair, especially in the winter. If you hide for her, she may provide you with a massage as she rolls on you, some hair which can help keep you warm, and a good facial exfoliation, and best of all, there is no charge for any of that. We aren’t sure, but she may be studying cosmetology as well as SAR work. She would love to have you come and hide for her, and visit the “Caleesi day spa in the woods”.

K-9 Max 
Max is currently our youngest trainee, he is barely more than one year old. Max met his handler when he was about 8 months old, we don’t know too much about him before that. He has enjoyed the last 8 months or so of his SAR training and has gotten to be really good friends with his handler while they have been training for SAR together, and practicing their obedience too. Max will tell you how important it is to be best friends with your handler, if you are a dog that is. All that work has paid off too, Max is proud to say he recently passed his Basic Trainee SAR Evaluation. He loves to run, and he loves to bark, really, he loves to bark a lot. Like several of his teammates, he has been learning to do the bark alert, and he does it quite well. Once he finds you, there is no doubt you have been found. After he finds you, his handler gives him a rope, he loves to carry it in his mouth and play chase and keep away. He always wins, four legs beat two. He would love for you to come and see him continue to learn as he starts working on his Intermediate K9 Trainee studies with his handler. Come and help us keep an eye on Max, he may be selling ear plugs as a side job.